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What Spinal Manipulation Franchises Are Available in Miami?

Spinal manipulation franchises are trendy in many parts of the country. 

If you are shopping for a spinal manipulation franchise in Florida, this article should help you decide by comparing what spinal manipulation franchises are available in Miami.

The Miami Business Scene

The Miami business scene thrives with diverse opportunities for small, medium, and large businesses. Miami offers businesses a desirable tax structure combined with low sales and property taxes, making it an ideal location for a spinal manipulation clinic franchise. Additionally, statewide, residents do not pay personal income taxes. As a bonus, the fantastic weather encourages people to get out and visit local businesses.

The chiropractic market totals $19.5 billion and is expected to grow by 3%. Additionally, Americans spend roughly $450 billion on wellness products and services each year, and that industry is growing by 5% annually. The wellness and chiropractic markets are booming, providing ample opportunity for you to get in on a piece of the pie.

You have some options if you are looking for a spinal manipulation franchise in the Miami area..

Spinal Manipulation Franchises in Miami

A comparison of chiropractic franchise options available in Miami include the following:

The Joint Chiropractic

Founded in 1999, The Joint Chiropractic is one of Miami’s older chiropractic franchise opportunities.

The Joint Chiropractic franchise offers new owners a straightforward approach to build-outs and quick opening. The franchise system is built upon an efficient operating model that allows owners to employ only 3-4 people to start. The company uses electronic forms and technology to streamline the patient intake process. The Joint Chiropractic promises an attractive economic reward on its website.

To franchise with The Joint Chiropractic, you will need:

  • Initial franchise fee - $39,900.
  • Clinic design fee - $1,000.
  • Office management fee - $1,797.

With a Joint Chiropractic franchise, you can also expect to be subject to ongoing expenses, such as royalty, marketing, and technology fees.

NuSpine Chiropractic

NuSpine Chiropractic is another fast-growing chiropractic franchise option. They provide patients with chiropractic adjustments, hydrotherapy (holistic pain management), and custom treatment plans.

NuSpine’s franchise benefits include an easy-to-establish/speedy opening, an efficient operating structure, and a scalable, profitable business model.

The company relies heavily on technology and promises that you can staff your office with minimal employees.

To franchise with NuSpine, you need the following:

  • $39,000 franchise fee.
  • Ongoing royalty fee - 7%.
  • Brand Fund Contribution - 1%.
  • Technology Fee - $375.

SnapCrack Chiropractic

SnapCrack Chiropractic offers something entirely new to the chiropractic landscape. As one of the fastest-growing chiropractic or spinal manipulation franchises in the chiropractic industry, they operate on a wellness-first concept. They believe in a hassle-free model that accepts walk-in patients instead of scheduled appointments. Pricing is transparent with no hidden fees; customers, owners, and staff love the brand.

Their unique approach is highly desirable for new owners and investors. With a fun, modern, friendly system of chiropractic services and membership-style fees, franchisees can operate multiple units and earn a steady stream of revenue. SnapCrack Chiropractic’s model allows new owners to break even and make money at months 6 through 8. 

With a SnapCrack Chiropractic franchise, you can expect to pay:

  • $39,000 franchise fee.
  • Must have a minimum liquid capital of $150,000.
  • Initial investment of $150,000-$250,000.

You should expect to pay monthly royalty fees. Many factors affect the initial startup costs. Contact the franchising office for more financial information and specific details on the exact numbers for your location.

Many Revenue Streams with a Spinal Manipulation Service Franchise

A spinal manipulation business franchise could be an excellent opportunity for a licensed chiropractor or investor. However, they are not all the same. Examine the revenue streams and variety of services offered when comparing your options.

For example, SnapCrack Chiropractic offers several services and multiple revenue streams.

  • Three different body alignments (same price), The Click, The Crack, The Drop.
  • Vitamin injections and IV vitamin infusions.
  • Fitness classes.
  • Recreational experiences.

SnapCrack offers its patients more value through a fun, modern approach to wellness. The drop-in chiropractic care feature means more customers. The gym-style membership plans offer franchises predictable revenue streams while offering customers affordable chiropractic care.

The brand offers chiropractors a unique opportunity to own their own clinic, offer more to their patients, and enjoy a comfortable, flexible, relaxed lifestyle and dream life. SnapCrack Chiropractic services also offer one of the most successful franchise business systems and plenty of support for new owners. 

When comparing chiropractic franchises, SnapCrack Chiropractic offers more, plus a more affordable investment along with multiple revenue streams and a supportive environment.

Check Out SnapCrack Chiropractic

If you are in the market for a successful franchise in Miami, check out SnapCrack Chiropractic.

Our drop-in and out service, the predicted growth of the chiropractic industry, and our focus on wellness have us perfectly positioned for rapid growth in the coming decade.

SnapCrack Chiropractic is the hassle-free, no-appointments, no-insurance hassle option. Our core principles are excellence in everything we do, compassion for everyone who walks through our door, and innovation.

Contact SnapCrack Chiropractic today to learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity.

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