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Snap Crack Chiropractic: A Modern Approach to Health and Wellness

If you love helping people and have always dreamed of owning your own business, a Snap Crack Chiropractic franchise may be the solution. Snap Crack is about health and wellness in a modern, comfortable lounge-style setting. 

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How Snap Crack Got Its Start: A Brief History

Snap Crack Chiropractic was founded in 2017 by Mark and Vincent, who wanted to alter the old stereotype of a chiropractic office radically. Their vision included an easily accessible, hassle-free environment where clients could come in whenever they wanted. 

Mark and Vincent were veterans of the healthcare industry in South Florida and had successfully developed multidisciplinary practices focusing on chiropractic, pain management, orthopedic surgery, and diagnostic imaging. They took this experience and know-how and decided to open Snap Crack, disrupting the old archaic model for a chiropractic office.

Initially, Mark and Vincent offered their patients a new concept of “just come in when you feel like it.” For only $29, clients could show up anytime Monday-Saturday between 12-8 p.m. However, from a revenue stream standpoint, this posed a problem. The duo decided to offer clients a $39 membership that included six monthly chiropractic visits anytime the patient wanted. It quickly took off until COVID when dozens canceled subscriptions. Pivoting quickly, Mark and Vincent added natural immune system enhancers to the menu of services and increased the monthly membership rate to $49. Clients could now enjoy six monthly chiropractic visits and an intramuscular vitamin injection. Clients who wanted only the chiropractic visits could still pay $39/month.

Snap Crack has since added Zinc, Vitamin C, B12, Biotin, B Complex, Glutathione, and NAD+ for an extra charge. Lastly, they added IV Vitamin Infusions at affordable rates for members and non-members.

They have five locations in Florida and are looking to expand with new franchise owners.

Why Should You Invest in a Chiropractic Franchise?

A wellness franchise not only provides you with a growing business but also allows you to help people and improve their lives. A chiropractic franchise can offer various revenue streams, steady business, and the benefits of a proven, trusted brand. 

Plus, a franchise can fast-track your business goals and help get you up and running quickly with plenty of support

The Benefits of Owning a Snap Crack Chiropractic Business

Snap Crack Chiropractic is a unique chiropractic business focused on wellness and chiropractic care. Gone are long wait times and mysterious charges. Snap Crack Chiropractic makes things simple with affordable prices and walk-in service in a modern, friendly lounge-style environment. 

Prices are fully transparent regardless of whether the client requests chiropractic adjustments, vitamin infusions, or supplements. 

Snap Crack currently has a handful of wildly popular locations in Florida. The enjoyment of this brand isn’t just with clients, but staff also love working at Snap Crack Chiropractic. The fun, tropical, feel-good atmosphere makes coming to work a joy. Snap Crack offers competitive pay and excellent benefits, and they are closed on Sundays. Additionally, employees don’t have to worry about dealing with any insurance hassles. 

The brand caters to clients who care about wellness and want to keep their bodies feeling good and performing well. The wellness crowd doesn’t want to waste much time in a doctor’s office. Instead, they want affordable prices and a hassle-free experience. The public sees Snap Crack Chiropractic as a cost-effective approach to wellness and chiropractic care. 

The modern lounges are purposely designed to make patients feel prioritized and valued. The services are comfortable and more easily accessible to anyone. Each Snap Crack location operates coolly, comfortably, and efficiently. 

Some benefits of owning a Snap Crack franchise include the following:

  • The membership model offers financial stability and multiple revenue streams.
  • The lower cost per visit attracts a high number of patients. 
  • A proven, successful business and financial model.
  • Offices don’t have to deal with insurance or “personal injury” cases.
  • Enjoy solid supplier relationships through the franchise connection.
  • Multiple revenue streams:
    • Chiropractic.
    • Vitamin Injections.
    • IV Vitamin Infusions.
    • Supplements.
  • Proven marketing programs.
  • A flexible franchise model, depending on the state, will allow medically licensed franchisees to partner with non-licensed investors.
  • Medical providers can start their successful clinics rather than join traditional corporate or group practices.
  • Assistance with facility design and location.
  • Expertise in turn-key back-office systems and office organization.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True with a Snap Crack Franchise

If you are looking for a chiropractic practice for sale, look no further. Snap Crack Chiropractic offers a state-of-the-art franchise built upon a modern, trusted, reliable, and fun brand.

Contact Snap Crack Chiropractic today to learn about the franchise opportunity, the benefits, chiropractic franchise costs, and the steps to make your business ownership dreams come true.

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